Justice Howard’s Voodoo: Conjure and Sacrifice

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.9780764355189

As most of you know I’m not a very eloquent reviewer my reviews are always short and to the point!

I finished this book in one day after all there’s not a lot of text but the text that is in this book is beautifully written. Bloody Mary the voodoo queen of New Orleans has a way with words that draws you in from the get go. I’ve learned more about voodoo thanks to this book. We all know things about voodoo but it’s mostly what we read in urban fantasy or see on tv and films, actual voodoo is nothing like that. I loved seeing some familiar faces such as Glenn Hetrick from SyFy’s Face Off and Robert Lasardo who’s probably most known as Memmo Fiero on CSI Miami or Nip/Tuck. Both Glenn and Robert have elaborate tattoos as do the other models in this book.The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing

There is plenty of nudity in this book and it’s tastefully done however if you are a prude I advise you to not buy it ( and if you do don’t leave a silly 1 star review because you don’t like nudity). All the props including the bones and snakes are also real so you have been warned!

I absolutely love this book and I’m eager to learn more about voodoo!

The book will be out on May 28 of 2018


Justice Howard is one of the most talented female photographers in the world. She started out as a model and later learned photography. Her work has been displayed in many art galleries, magazines (Playboy,Vogue). She’s even had the honor to shoot with Waylon Jennings a short time before his passing. Be sure to check out her other work



Voodoo queen Bloody Mary


Glenn Hetrick


Robert Lasardo



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