Magic, Pick a Book, Any Book

Might Be Mad

Fantasy and magic are pretty much synonyms of one another. Whenever someone who hasn’t touched a fantasy novel ever says, “Oh you’re into fantasy are you? What with all the magic and fairies?” Usually said with a smirk. But Magic is perhaps one of the most integral parts of fantasy, what sets it apart from other genres. Where physics can go away and sit in the corner and logic can jump out of the window. This won’t be me talking about how I wistfully wish that I could hold the destructive powers I need for world domination. But my opinions on magic in fantasy. What makes some magic more interesting than other or more believable.

Magic 1Magic and it’s Limits

(Ooh I used underlining and purple there, first time for everything I guess.) 

Magic needs limits in the same way that ballistics do. If I stood up in front of a…

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