Not another shelfie part 1

I can hear you thinking a shelfie post ah man not again! This is not just a post in which I will show you my awesome shelves, I will also be talking about why books are in the place they are and do a tiny (probably not so tiny) review of some of my favorite books. As I have many books i will make a new post on the other shelves later this month. You’ll notice I have a somewhat weird taste in books and writers

I’ll start of with this particular shelf this one has a few of my favorite autobiographies on it. I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan so obviously I own a copy of That First Season. That First Season is about the year 959 in which Vince Lombardi became the head coach of the GBP, obviously I wasn’t born back than hell even my mom was barely out of diapers. My love for football started when I saw my first Super Bowl back in 1991 it was an epic game for the New York Giants only beat the Buffalo Bills by 1 point. A few years later when the Packers had Brett Favre as a quarterback, I saw them beat the Patriots on live TV which had a huge impact on me and ever since then the Packers got another Dutch fan.Only recently I have become more interested for the history that is behind the NFL so That First Game is the most interesting read for me on the subject. Lombardi simply is one of the most interesting coaches to ever exist.

As you can see I also own a book about Ted Bundy why you ask? I’m Dutch we have few serial killers and Bundy was in the news all the time when I was growing up. I think i was 5 or 6 when i first heard about him and i always wanted to know what made him tick or kill. I own many more books about Bundy but this one is my favorite as it delves into his last years on death row and you get a real idea of what he was thinking.

On Bundy’s right side you can see Monster by Sanyika Shakur he is an ex-gang member. He was around when gangs were in the early stages of development in the 70’s and 80’s in Los Angeles. I got this book somewhere in the 90’s and i have read it so many times it’s almost falling apart. I’ve always been curious how a gang is formed and why it is formed as far as i know we don’t have a Dutch equivalent. Sanyika was part of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips ( i sure hope he is really out as he claims). In LA you have the Crips and the Bloods, Crips wear blue and Bloods red, they started a war somewhere in the 60’s and they are still going at it. This autobiography describes what it was (is) like to grow up in a poor black neighbourhood and why young boys become gang members . Though i do not condone the violence in any way it makes you see the human side to these kids all of us makes bad choices but not many of us will actually experience what it’s like to be poor, black and living in a dangerous hood. One can argue that joining a gang is not the answer but what other options did he really have? I quite like the guy even though he went on to make poor decisions further on in his life but that’s what most felons do as jobs are scarce. This book gives you all you want and more.

Next up is Preussler ( yes I know his name is spelled differently but i can’t find the German letter). This is one of the books that got me started when it comes to my love of fantasy books. The English title is Krabat & the Sorceror’s Mill. The story is set in the 17th century and it tells you the story of Krabat a poor beggar’s boy who after having the same dream about a watermill for three nights in a row pays a visit to this particular mill.  He takes up an apprenticeship at the watermill only to find out it’s owner dabbles in black magic. Every new year’s eve one of the boys he lives with dies and Krabat starts his own investigation as to why these boys die. I won’t tell much more as I’m afraid i might spill too many beans. It’s pretty much a YA book but i still thoroughly enjoy it every re-read.

Next up Elmore Leonard! This man was one helluva writer gifted like no other. Sadly i don’t own a copy of Rum Punch a book most won’t know but, they will surely know the movie Jackie Brown! It was written in 1992 and Tarantino made the movie in 1997 i think most people don’t even know the movie is based on this book. I love Leonard for many reasons, the main reason are the way he wrote his dialogues nothing can compare to that really. Y’all probably did watch Justified which was a TV series based on his novella Fire in the Hole. It features US Marshall Raylan Givens and my all-time favorite bad guy Boyd Crowder, we’ve seen Raylan before in Riding the Rap and Pronto, in the books he is much older than in the TV series and Boyd well i can’t say without spoiling it for you.

“Boyd, you use the Bible to get what you want, same as you use all this white supremacy bullshit to rob banks and raise hell, blow up a church in Cincinnati for the fun of it. See, I’m giving you the benefit you aren’t mental. I know you aren’t stupid enough to believe that mud people story”

Here’s a link to an excerpt of Fire in the Hole

Lastly there is my love of art mainly my love for Hieronymus Bosch or Jeroen Bosch. This was an artist way ahead of his time with all his dark themes, his work during his lifetime was mainly collected in Spain, Austria and the Netherlands ( and copied a lot in the early modern period they had pirates as well just not the digital ones we’re all used to) . They say he had a real insight to our darkest fear and deepest desires. His most famous work is The Gardens of Earthly Delights it is a triptych which basically is a painting on 3 panels often made of wood and the middle panel usually being the largest.  There are so many things happening on this particular painting it’s hard to describe, when you close the panels there is yet another painting, this one is about the early days of creation, it probably pictures the 3rd day of creation as it features no humans or animals only plants. If you love art you should really get this book!

Enough babbling for 1 day! The other books on this shelf are special in their own way and also worth a read, the shiny black book is a copy of Melanie Tem’s Prodigal the dust cover kind of ruins the shot. I hope I didn’t bore you to death, have fun reading


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