Twitter Instagram and you

Just a few tips for those of you who are on Twitter/Instagram i recently met someone who is an actual Instagram coach and he gave me a few tips to generate more likes and followers.
Your account has to be public since than everyone can see what you post. Private accounts can only share pictures with people who you approved as follower
First of it’s all about timing if you post say a sunday afternoon it’s pointless sunday is the day people barely use their social media.The best time to post things is between 6 and 7 pm est or 1 to 2 am for the Europeans amongst us (most of you will be asleep at that time). The best day to use Instagram is apparently wednesday probably because people are getting closer to the weekend and are actively looking for things to do on the weekend.
What also really helps and this can consume a lot of time is browsing hashtags similar to the ones you are using and painstakingly randomly liking pictures. You need to like pictures posted by bloggers the most they are the ones who will possibly help you generate more publicity. This is very time consuming but it actually works.
Now we’re down to hashtagging this is also very important you want to be using the ones that are the most popular amongst bloggers and readers. First of use your name or the name you use as a writer #wadegarret for example then you can add the title of your book #genesis in this instance. You could add a genre hashtag aswell but than you could end up amongst Harry Potter tags and the likes. Don’t hashtag like there’s no tomorrow you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags to your post. You could also tag people in the picture you post but if they don’t have many followers this is pretty much pointless
So here is a list of the most used hashtags on Instagram (shamelessly borrowed them from a blogger)
#bookstagram — Bookshelf porn, screenshots of what people are reading, photos of cool books, and reading/book memes.
#EpicReads — This is mostly jphotos of beautiful books and book culture.
#Books — Exactly what you’d think it is.
#BookAddict — More of the same.
#BookClub — Still more, but tends toward intellectualism.
#BookNerd — One of the more eclectic Instagram book tags.
#BookPorn — Warm and fuzzy pics of books and people reading.
#AmReading — Duh! Of course we’ll put this one first! #AmReading is “this is what I’m reading.”
#BookLovers – Used by authors, publishers, and anyone who wants to discuss or sell a book.
#Bibliophile — Just dive into everything books.
#FreeBooks – Free. Books. That is all. (it changes from day to day)
#BookAddict — Exactly what it says.
#EBooks – Looking for something to download? This hashtag is for you! It’s kind of a mixed bag, however, and you may need to wade through a bit of spammy stuff to get to the good stuff.
#Books – Self explanatory. Books, books, books.
#Bookshelves or #Bookshelf — Want bookshelf porn? We’ve got it.
#BookPhotography — Just photos of books. Good photos of books.
#BookstoreBingo – Amusing hashtag featuring anecdotes from bookstores.
#KindleBargains or #KindleBargain – Featuring Kindle book deals.
#BookChat – Book discussion hashtag.
#LitFict – Discussion and sharing of literary fiction books.
#GoodReads — Connect with others in the Good Reads community, the most active group of book lovers online.
#IReadEverywhere — For we who read in weird places. Bathtub, in a tree, at a basketball game? Take a photo and upload it with the tweet.
#Fiction and #Nonfiction – Discusses and shares books.
#WomensFiction – Featuring fiction choices for women.
#GreatReads – People sharing great reads on Twitter.
#Kindle – Items of interest to Kindle users and lovers of Kindle books. (can sometimes be polluted with too many ads from Amazon, though…)
#WhatToRead – Book recommendations from other book lovers on Twitter (or Instagram, same hashtag)
#Suspense – Featuring discussion and recommendations for Thrillers, Action Adventure, and Suspense titles.
#BookWorld — Other book obsessed people.
#ChickLit – Discussion and recommendations of ChickLit topics.
#PopBooks Popular books.
Genre tags
#MGLit (middle grades literature)
#PoetryMonth (Each April in the USA)
I hope this will help you gain more publicity for your awesome writing. I understand a lot of you have families and dayjobs so there’s simply not a lot of time to promote your work as much as say a jobless idjit like myself. So i will be promoting books on my own Instagram with your permission as my account does have my modelling pictures on there and they do contain a little nudity here and there. I have around 250 followers from all walks of life and i follow a lot of bloggers and bookstore and the like. I’m not doing this to gain from it in any way, shape or form i’m simply bored and i enjoy helping people

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