Scifi and Fantasy authors

I will add more books over time and try to keep it updated as much as possible. It will mostly be scifi/fantasy/grimdark. Since many writers have written tons of books i’ll stick to the trilogies and first books. Started off as a recommendation list but honestly it’s more a list of authors worth checking out. Everyone has different tastes so while you might love Hobb others may not

Anthology worth checking out


Evil is a matter of perspective (expected 2017)…/30636532-evil-is-a-matter-of-pe…

Joe Abercrombie
The first law trilogy

The Blade itself
Before they are hanged
Last argument of kings

Shattered Sea trilogy

Half a king
Half the world
Half a war

Richard Adams

Watership down

J.P. Ashman

Black powder wars

Black Cross

Chad Ballard

The ashen court

R Scott Bakker

The prince of nothing

The darkness that comes before
The warrior prophet
The thousandfold thought


The judging eye
The white luck warrior
The great ordeal
The unholy consult ( no release date as of yet)

Brian Barr

Carolina Deamonic: Confederate Shadows

Bradley P. Bealieu…/…/2851725.Bradley_P_Beaulieu

The song of the shattered sands

Of sand and malice (out soon) this is a prequel to
Twelve kings in Sharakhai (already out)
With blood upon the sand ( expected in early 2017)
A veil of spears (expected late 2017)

Lays of Anuskaya

To the towers of Tulandan
The winds of Khalakovo
The straits of Galahesh
The flames of Shadam Khoreh
Prima: A dark from the lays of Anuskaya

Dave Brendon De Burgh…/s…/8152678.Dave_Brendon_de_Burgh

Mahelian chronicle

A song of sacrifice (prequel)
Betrayal’s shadow

Jesse Bullington…/show/2917750.Jesse_Bullington

Folly of the world

Peter V. Brett

Demon cycle

The warded man (the painted man)
The desert spear
The daylight war

C.J. Cherryh

The company wars

Downbelow station
Merchanter’s luck

Glen Cook

The chronicles of the black company

The black company
Shadows linger
The white rose

Hugh Cook

Chronicles of an age of darkness

The wizards and the warriors
The wordsmith and the warguild
The women and the warlords

Bernard Cornwell

The Saxon stories

The last kingdom
The pale horseman
Lords of the north

A.J. Dalton

Flesh and bone trilogy

Necromancer’s gambit
Necromancer’s betrayal
Necromancer’s fall

Joseph Delaney

The wardstone chronicles

Revenge of the witch
Curse of the bane
Night of the soul stealer

Stephen R Donaldson…/12980.Stephen_R_Donaldson

The chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Lord foul’s bane
The illearth war
The power that preserves

David Drake

Lord of the isles

Lord of the isles
Queen of demons
Servant of the dragon

Brian Lee Durfee…/show/5779282.Brian_Lee_Durfee

Five warrior angels

The forgetting moon (came out a few days ago)

David Anthony Durham…/show/214232.David_Anthony_Durham


Acacia: The war with the Mein

David Farland

The Runelords series

The Runelords
Brotherhood of the wolf

Raymond E. Feist

The riftwar saga

Magician: Apprentice
Magician: Master

Michael R. Fletcher…/…/7035308.Michael_R_Fletcher

Manifest Delusions

Beyond Redemption
The mirror’s truth

Jonathan French…/show/27838712-the-grey-bastards

The grey bastards

C.S Friedman

The coldfire trilogy

Black sun rising
When true night falls
Crown of shadows

Teresa Frohock

Los Nefilim

In midnight’s silence
Without light or guide
The second death

Peter Fugazzotto…/show/9792930.Peter_Fugazzotto

The hounds of the north

The witch of the sands
Black river

Neil Gaiman

American Gods

Wade Garret

Kingdom come


Wilson Geiger

Ash and Flame

David Gemmel

The Drenai saga

The king beyond the gate

Mitchell Hogan

Sorcery Ascendant sequence

A crucible of souls
Blood of innocents
A shattered empire

John Gwynne

The faithful and the fallen


David Hair

Moontide quartet

Mage’s blood
The scarlet tides
Unholy war

Markus Heitz

The dwarves

The dwarves
The war of the dwarves
The revenge of the dwarves

Tracy Hickman

The annals of Drakis

Song of the dragon
Citadels of the lost
Blood of the emperor

Steven Kelliher…/show/15556009.Steven_Kelliher

The landkist saga

Valley of embers ( came out on august 16th)

Graham Austin King…/…/7068395.Graham_Austin_King

Riven wyrde saga

Fae – The wild hunt
Fae – The realm of twilight
Fae – The sins of the wyrde

Richard A. Knaak

Dragonlance: Heroes

The legend of Huma
Weasel’s luck

Mark Lawrence

The broken empire

Prince of Thorns
King of thorns
Emperor of Thorns

Scott Lynch

Gentleman bastard

The lies of Locke Lamora
Red seas under red skies
The republic of thieves

Gail Z. Martin

Chronicles of the necromancer

The summoner
The blood king
Dark haven

Tim Marquitz

Demon squad


James A. Moore

Seven Forges

Seven forges
The wounded

George Macdonald


Brian McClellan…/show/6524620.Brian_McClellan

Powder mage

Promise of blood
The crimson campaign
The autumn republic

Michael McClung…/show/5148268.Michael_McClung

Amra Thetys

The thief who pulled on trouble’s braids
The thief who spat in luck’s good eye
The thief who knocked on sorrow’s gate

Anne McCaffrey

Dragonriders of Pern

The white dragon

Richard K. Morgan

Takeshi Kovacs

Altered carbon
Broken Angels
Woken furies

Michael Moorcock

The Elric saga

Elric of Melniboné
The sailor on the seas of fate
The weird of the white wolf

Arthur Machen

The great god Pan

Robert Nathan

Portrait of Jennie

Chantal Noordeloos…/…/6564843.Chantal_Noordeloos

Angel manor

Larry Niven


The ringworld engineers
The ringworld throne

John Norman


Tarnsman of Gor
Outlaw of Gor
Priest – King of Gor

Andre Norton

Halfblood chronicles

The elvenbane

Naomi Novik


His majesty’s dragon
Feast or famine
Throne of jade

Raven Oak


Amaskan’s blood

Scott Oden

Men of bronze

Martin Owton

The Nandor tales


Peter Orullian

Vault of heaven

The unremembered
Trial of intentions

Edward Plunkett aka Lord Dunsany

The king of Elflands daughter

Mervyn Peake


Titus Groan
Titus alone

Fletcher Pratt

The well of the unicorn

Anthony Ryan

Raven’s shadow

Blood Song
Tower lord
Queen of fire

Sean Rodden…

The war for the north

Whispers of war

Mickey Zucker Reichert…/sh…/34861.Mickey_Zucker_Reichert

Renshai trilogy

The last of the Renshai
The western wizard
Child of thunder

Courtney Schafer…/show/4752492.Courtney_Schafer

Shattered Sigil

The whitefire crossing
The tainted city
The labyrinth of flame

R.A Salvatore

The demonwars saga

The demon awakens
The demon spirit
The demon apostle

Andrzej Sapkowski…/show/38569.Andrzej_Sapkowski

The witcher

Blood of Elves
Sword of destiny
Time of contempt

Seth Skorkowsky…/show/4088554.Seth_Skorkowsky



James Stoddard


The high house
The false house

Charles Stross

Merchant princess

The family trade
The hidden family
The clan corporate

Tricia Sullivan aka Valery Leith


The company of glass
The riddled night
The way of the rose

Adrian Selby


Luke Scull

The grim company

The grim company
Sword of the north
dead man’s steel

Brian Staveley

Chronicle of the unhewn throne

The emperor’s blades
The providence of fire
The last mortal bond

Jeff Salyards

Bloodsounder’s arc

Scourge of the betrayer
Veil of the deserters
Chains of the Heretic

Adrian Tchaikovsky…/…/1445909.Adrian_Tchaikovsky

Children of time recently won the Arthur C. Clarke award

Shadows of apt

Empire in black and gold
Dragonfly falling
Blood of the mantis

Judith Tarr

The hound and the falcon

The isle of glass
The golden horn
The hounds of god

Roger Taylor

Chronicles of Hawklan

The call of the sword
The fall of Fyorlund
The waking of Orthlund

Patrick Tilley

Amtrak Wars

Cloud warrior
First family
Iron master

Marc Turner

The chronicle of the exile

When the heavens fall
Dragon hunters
Red tide

Jack Vance…

Demon princes

The star king
The killing machine
The palace of love

Brent Weeks

Night angel

The way of shadows
Shadow’s edge
Beyond the shadows

Margaret Weis


Time of the twins
War of the twins
Test of the twins

Tad Williams…

Memory,sorrow and thorn

The dragonbone chair
Stone of farewell
To green angel tower

Mazarkis Williams…/4831561.Mazarkis_Williams

Tower and knife trilogy

The emperor’s knife
Knife sworn
The tower broken

Jen Williams

The copper cat

The copper promise
The iron ghost
The silver tide

Janny Wurts

Wars of light and shadow

The curse of the mistwraith
The ships of Merior
Warhost of Vastmark

Roger Zelazny

The chronicles of Amber

Nine princes in Amber
The guns of Avalon
Sign of the unicorn


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